This is a thorough analysis of this outright blatant fraud, thank you. The smoking gun of smoking guns for me was this:

"May 2021: The CDC will no longer accept PCR test results of vaccinated individuals diagnosed with breakthrough COVID-19 infections if the PCR cycle threshold is above 28. Why? To make the vaccine look like it is working, and because they know the PCR test is useless at cycle threshold values above 28." —https://tritorch.com/degradation/PCRCycleThresholdFraud/!FauciPCRCycleThresholdAllTestsUseHighterThan35-3.png

Doesn't get anymore blatant that that folks.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, positive cases have driven everything: masks, social distancing, lockdowns, economic and food destruction, mental and physical health destruction, the arrested development of millions of children, a large number of preventable suicides, and a bevy of new, rushed, and barely tested vaccines. PCR false positives were the engine of the plandemic:

The RT-PCR test being used for COVID involves a cycling function. The more you cycle the test material in the lab, the more people test positive for COVID> IF you cycle the test material 60 times, every sample tests positive for COVID. If you cycle it 10 times, not one tests positive. If you cycle it 30 times, some test positive and some don't. This means all our corrupt governments have full control of how many people test positive, depending on how many times they insist the test material be cycled. They've picked this test purposely so they can up-regulate or down-regulate the pandemic at will.

WHO's message to the world: "Test Test Test!"

Excerpt from: https://tritorch.com/PCRFraud

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I guess that is part of the strategy with these bastards, so many lies which ones do you address, by the time you address one 10,000 more liar wack a mole….. I remember the 28 threshold how many lies before and since…

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Great that you reference the Perth Group's unbelievable work. It is a shame to see others almost completely ignore them.

Also on your conclusion - https://www.bitchute.com/video/C3g3u3vqEwob/

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Petroleum Based Synthetic Injections

Are Not Compatible

With Water Based Human Bodies.

This Is Not Complicated People.


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Tried sending the other 37 'likes' I wanted to send you in the mail, but the postage stamp wouldn't stick on my screen...

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AIDS was the dress rehearsal for Covid.

When Peter Duesberg called out Fauci et al for the fraud, they tried to destroy his career..

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Read on Stop World Control: 2017-2018 RT-PCR World imports for test kits for Covid-19:


On the same post: “ In 2015, Richard A. Rothschild, a lawyer from London, invented a virus detection method, that was later labeled "System and Method for Testing for COVID-19". Although it was developed in 2015, the date to release this COVID-19 test was set to the year 2020! […]”

Everything was planned…

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There is no infection as there is no virus.

End of the story.

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The entirety of meta-genomics and gene sequencing/assemblage are fraudulent.

People have been convinced through years of social engineering to believe that the things they see on screens represent biological reality.

PCR is worse than useless for diagnostics as are antigen tests. These tests are weaponized to manipulate public perceptions and invent "diseases."

The “genomic sequencing” for SARS-CoV-2 is yet another example of this fraud. The Corman-Drosten team developed the test for Covid-19 based on an In-silico Genetic Sequence (from a computer simulation).

They did not have any Viral Isolates of Covid-19 available, nor any clinical samples of anyone sick with the alleged new disease. Simply based on that, the test is invalid.

A new medical test must be validated against a 'Gold Standard", that is, a test which is 100% accurate.

The Corman-Drosten team, used the SARS sequence from 2003 (which itself was never properly purified or isolated), they then used the PCR primer related to that sequence, amplified it using PCR, sequenced that they amplified (they did this multiple times) and used the sequences that were different from the SARS sequence to develop primers for their diagnostic test. As there were no purified samples or Isolates of any kind, this entire experiment was made up.

It turns out, when you input the sequences that are being tested for, to show a positive case, the sequences show up 93 times in the human genome, and approx. 91 times from Bacteria/Fungi (Microbes). These supposed "New" sequences show up in nature and are not new at all.

Never mind, you cannot possibly say these sequences are coming from a "new virus" if you don't have the virus in the first place.

The team then sent this test to China, to test for this "Novel" virus that they created a test for, with none of the "Novel" virus at their disposal.

The Chinese scientists, who work for the WEF/Pharma Cartel BTW, "found" these sequences in their 'Atypical Pneumonia" patients with non-specific respiratory symptoms, (obviously being that these sequences show up in humans), and they create an entire "Genome" based off of 1 Clinical Sample.

In order to create a Genome correctly, you would need hundreds upon thousands of samples to develop an actual accurate "Viral Genome", they took 1 person that tested positive with a PCR test created without any virus.

They then took a clinical sample from a PCR + person's lung fluid, with symptoms consistent with "Atypical Pneumonia". They take only the short RNA strands from the clinical sample, and put them into computer programs- Megahit and Trinity.

These two programs assembled a bunch of Contigs (Possible Genome structures) made up of all the short RNA strands from the person, which number 56 Million.

The Trinity computer came up with 1,329,960 Contigs ranging from 201-11,760 base pairs, the Megahit computer came up with 384,096 Contigs ranging from 200-30,474 base pairs. In layman terms, the computer generated almost 2 million possible Genome Structures.

The longest Contig (30,474 base pairs) was chosen, simply because it was the longest one. Upon further investigation, this genome was only 80% similar to SARS-COV 1 bat-like sequence. They then add some Sars 1 sequences to make it look more like a SARS virus.

Can anyone not see at this point they are simply making shit up as they go to reach their pre-ordained conclusion?

80%, is less similar than what humans are to house cats. The claim was the Genome totaled 29,903 bases long, which negates 571 bases from the Contig. If those weren't valid how do we know this entire Contig is valid?

The Contig chosen, was created out of 123,613 different pieces of short RNA from the clinical genetic sample.

They don't know where these sequences are coming from, they don't know if the genome is real, they don't know the amount of error in the process, they don't know how many "reads" were correct, this entire thing is theoretical and computer generated.

Then come thousands of papers and studies and reports all based on the original in-silico sorcery and deceptions...Turtles All The Way Down.

It's all fraud piled on top of fraud.

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This is a good piece. A few comments

1. There can be no false positive as you mention many times because there is no true positive since there is no virus to base the tests on. No test should ever be done for a never found object, it is just bogus.

2. AZT should not be forgotten as a major killer of patients labeled with HIV or AIDS, and now ARVs.

3. While "oxidative stress" is correct, persons doing damage to their body are exposed to toxic materials that can impair metabolism, protein synthesis, and many other chemically mediated toxic reactions besides oxidation. These persons need an entire overhaul of their lives not just antioxidants, and the word "oxidation" goes right over the heads of most persons with unsanitary environments.

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This post will be a bit crude but i’m typing it anyway.

I always wondered why if aids initially was supposed to be a homosexual disease, why weren’t prison inmates dying by the millions all over the world for decades.

Yes I went there because prison **** happens.

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